Parkinsons at Medicine in Motion

Our Parkinson’s group classes focus on providing a fun, supporting and inviting environment for clients diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. New research suggests that regular target specific exercises may slow or halt the progression of Parkinson’s Disease, reducing symptoms, improving mobility, muscle strength, balance and reducing falls. These benefits can help people with Parkinson diseases optimise their abilities, improve their quality of life and remain independent as long as possible.

The class involves a combination of safe, target specific, high-intensity exercises which have beneficial effects on the central nervous system. The class incorporates aerobic, balance, coordination, dual tasking and resistance training exercises which all focus on making neuroplastic changes in the brain to help slow down symptoms experienced due to Parkinsons.

One size does not fit all, so all clients are prescribed individualised regimes specific to their impairments, disease severity, falls risk and goals. Exercise programs should commence as soon after diagnosis as possible, despite severity of symptoms.

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