Move with Women at Medicine in Motion

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Move with Women is a group-based exercise program for women of all ages, backgrounds and fitness levels. We focus on all of the important areas that make us ‘healthy’ including moving our bodies, eating well, relaxation and connecting with others.

Move with Women runs over a 9-week period with one 60 minute exercise session per week and an additional 30 minute health session every fortnight. It’s your one stop shop for all things health – exercise, nutrition, relaxation and connection.

We’d like to give all women the opportunity to feel they can prioritise their health and well-being. That’s why we’ve included it all – a range of cardio, resistance and restorative exercises, mindfulness practices and social activities that are delivered in a safe, comfortable and inclusive group-based setting.

Medicine in Motion Health Group is proud to partner with Diabetes NSW/ACT to offer this FULLY FUNDED 9 week health program.

This program will continue to run for private paying clients wishing to join!

To find our more visit the MoveWithWomen Website

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