Less Exercise, More Movement – Time to change our mindset

When some people hear the term ‘exercise’ it can make them shudder and shy away, at Medicine in Motion we prefer the term ‘movement’ for good reason.

Each day we just need to make sure we move our bodies to help our overall health, how you like to move is up to you!

Movement can come in any shape or form and it’s vitally important you move in ways that suit you. Our simple advice is:

  • Move every day.
  • Make it something you enjoy as you are more likely to stick to it.
  • Move in a way that suits your body – i.e. don’t do sprinting up hills if it’s going to be bad for you!
  • Always consult a professional if you have any concerns.


So how can you add a little more physical activity? We’ve come up with a few ways that might help you increase activity throughout the day.


Easy Sneaky Ways to Get More Movement in your Life


At Home

  • How’s the garden looking? Is it time for a cull? Gardening is an excellent way to get the body active. From walking, to bending over, to using muscles to cut down that pesky bush – having a green thumb can be a full-on work out.
  • Spring Clean? No one enjoys doing all the household chores, but there is a lot of fun in turning up your favourite song and getting a power clean done in record time.


At Work


At Play

  • Follow your passion. We can’t stress this one enough, always do something that you love. Exercise can come in all forms so don’t restrict yourself to the traditional forms of runs and visits to the gym, think outside the box! Ball room dancing, bowls, hiking, jumping on a push scooter or even just doing DIY around the house – anything that gets you up and about is great!



Our Final Point

Let’s stop thinking of grueling exercise, let’s start calling it movement for fun and health!

If you think you need a hand starting your movement journey or have some concerns about getting started – contact us here at Medicine in Motion and let’s move together.

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