The Benefits of Exercising in Winter

When winter comes around, we feel like staying indoors and snuggling up with a hot cup of cocoa by the fireplace…. While this great, what’s even better is getting out into the cold and moving your body!

We all know exercise is great, however exercising in winter has a myriad of benefits. We’ve put together a quick list of 5 amazing benefits below.

  1. You get your daily dose of Vitamin D!

In summer, getting into the sun is easy, however when winter comes around, it is much harder to come by. Getting outdoors and moving is a great way to get your vitamin D dosage in Winter.

  1. Beating the winter blues

The winter blues are called this for a reason and if you suffer from it, a daily workout is the answer! Getting out into the fresh air and moving your body releases “feel good hormones” (serotonin and dopamine)

  1. Fresh Air

In winter, we tend to stay indoors to avoid the cold and not get enough fresh air. Moving your body outdoors is a great way to detox your lungs and keep your Respiratory system healthy and avoid breathing in the stale, indoor air!

  1. Keeping warm

Heat your body up naturally with exercise! The rise in your body temperature during  exercise has a soothing, calming effect on your body, the similar effect of a long soak in a warm bath or lazing front of the fire. Brave the cold, layer up (daggy doesn’t matter) and get moving! You will be hot within no time.

  1. Loving your Lymph

Although the cold weather makes us want to slow down in winter, it is actually better for us to keep moving and give your lymph system some love! Moving your body, keeps your lymph system healthy, which in turn helps boost your immune system and avoid the winter sniffles and fight off infection.

Feeling unmotivated this winter? Having a plan and goals is the best way to keep your body moving all year ’round! Get a tailored exercise plan and book your appointment today!

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